Workshop 1: Material Modeling Studio 4

Theme: Freedom - Experience of workshop 1.

Material: Balsa

During four weeks we did drawing, writing and model making, learning how to communicate our mind to others. It is a fun process involving lots of thinking and experiments. We can do anything we like as there is no right or wrong. Free mind leads imagination and creativity.

The way of think is similar to brainstorming, which is a technique to generate lots of ideas on the specific topic and then determine the best solution. When we write down starting point, we don’t know which the exact way to go is and where we will end up to. We just simply let our thoughts flow as they will, record whatever comes into our mind and no matter how daft, how impossible or how silly an idea is. Freeing up our internal critic allows ourselves to express things we might not write down if we were being too self-conscious. I believe this is truly freedom.

It’s like a growth of a tree. Branch comes out from the trunk, and there are always smaller branches on each branch. The tree grows freely and you never know what it would be like and what the end is.

I really want to interpret this idea on my model. In a space at a staring point, my mind flows freely to any directions. Each way is independent with different texture but they also have some internal relationships. All these elements come together haphazardly, building up the whole structure. There are no any rules or regulations of the structure and space. It is not the end and can be continues.

If you go back to look at my previous works, it seems they also shows some kinds of freedom. For the drawing of dream, it is very similar to idea of free I explained above.

There are lots of branches coming out from the point when you fell into sleep. That weave model seems to be very organic but it also shows the continuity without limitation. The urban model also shows how the mono rail breaks the rules and interprets freedom. Balsa is used in this model. It is very light, soft and easy to work with. A sharp knife is enough and cutting follow the grain is very easy. Balsa is very brittle and hard to deform elastically, only the very thin scrips can be bent. Glue gun is very useful to join the parts.


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