Workshop 1: Material Modeling Studio 3

Theme: Experience in space and time of urban area.

Material: Homemade playdough, Mountboard.

The urban area is defined as a high density of population and human-created structures, as well as the communications between people and building environment.

In the urban area, the strongest feeling is constrictions from crowds and traffic flow, especially from all the tall buildings surrounding you, which are often compacted tightly. The limitation of space and the fast tempo of life bring in a high tension. The urban area also has a high density of restrictions and rules, such as the traffic lights stop your step and the visual field is interrupted by the buildings. People cautiously cross through all the narrow passages and thin rifts between structures. Even though the usage of space is maximised reasonably in the urban area, the people still feel cramped.

At the meantime, monorail becomes a specially sign of the city. It is not only a smart way showing space-efficient, but also brings the vitality to the city. The monorail breaks the rules, does not restricted by the traffic, and flies out from the gaps between buildings at a high speed. The lightness of the monorail and the heavily constriction of the building blocks become a strong visual comparisons. When you looked up the monorail above your head, you may feel it’s like a way to the vast firmament.

It not only extends the space visually, but also extends the time as it is so easy to remind you about the future world, as shown in the science fiction film, all the transportations suspend in the air.


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